Founded in 2004, Quality Wine Barrels is the oldest wine barrel brokerage in

the United States. Quality Wine Barrels offers winemakers and brewers a variety of oak program solutions, including:

* Used wine barrels

* Used spirit barrels

* Recoopered barrels & recoopering Service

* Planter/Decorative barrels.

We’re located in Arroyo Grande, CA on Hwy 101 at the El Campo crossroad


Recycle used wine barrels back into winery production or for re-use as planter barrels or furniture, preserving finite French, American and Hungarian forests.

While working at one of California’s largest wineries in the late ‘90s, Quality Wine Barrels founder Roger Burson saw a need for obtaining reasonably priced high quality used wine barrels from trustworthy sources. With few options available apart from calling local wineries to check for culled barrels, Roger decided to create something new in the wine industry: a used wine barrel brokerage to recycle barrels still suitable for wine storage back into production and provide winemakers a selection of pre-inspected used wine barrels to reliably add to their oak program.

At that time barrel brokers cut up tens of thousands of used wine barrels to make into planters. Roger saw tremendous economic and ecological waste in cutting barrels still suitable for wine storage into garden planters while wineries were in need of high quality used barrels for wine production. Quality Wine Barrels set about inspecting higher quality culled winery barrels, separating those suitable for wine storage from those to be cut up as planters, and built an inventory of pre-inspected used barrels for winemakers to choose from while saving thousands of higher quality barrels from the saw blade before their time.