Quality Wine Barrels offers used wine and spirit barrels pre-inspected and certified as suitable for reuse for wine making or brewing, including:
– French, American & Hungarian oak wine barrels
– Used spirit barrels last filled with whiskey, brandy, tequila or rum
– Recoopered wine barrels & recoopering Service
Please email us for current barrel inventory and pricing
Spirit Barrels
Furniture Grade
Larger Format – Puncheons
Used Wine Barrels
Quality Wine Barrels brings in tens of thousands of barrels each year. We inspect each barrel to determine its suitability for continued use in wine making or set it aside for use as a planter or furniture making barrel. Each barrel goes through a 5-point inspection upon receipt. Barrels accepted for wine storage are washed, gassed and made available for inspection by winemakers.  As barrels are sold they undergo another inspection to ensure you receive a “ready-to-fill” barrel and no surprises.
Used Spirit Barrels
Whiskey barrels have become very popular for craft brewers, aka micro-brewers, making exotic barrel aged/fermented beers in whiskey barrels that last held whiskey, rum, port, sherry and most recently high demand for last-filled tequila whiskey barrels.
Larger Format Barrels
We do like to stock larger format barrels (puncheons). We encourage you to contact us and inquire about our inventory. When we get them in they do not last very long.
Furniture Grade Barrels
Once a barrel has past its prime for wine / spirit storage it finds a purpose with craftsmen who turn these retired barrels into wonderful pieces of art. We stock a large quantity of these barrels as this craft has become so popular.
Please be aware that our inventory fluctuates daily – even hourly – and that the barrels you want to purchase may be sold to other buyers before you confirm your order. All barrel orders are confirmed when payment is made.